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Note: Please print off this form and either mail or fax it to:

Global Equine Academy

Winter Campus-

September 15 to May 15
18770 McNeil Ranch Road
Wickenburg, AZ 85390



Enrollment Contract

Students Name-         _______________________________________

Address-         ________________________________________

Home Phone-             _________________________Birthdate___________

E-mail                        ______________________________________

_____ Certified Equine Specialist
_____ Certified Equine Manager
_____ I just want to take individual classes.

_________________________Enrollment Period
(Initial the classes you want)
NOTE:   For Training classes you must have taken Behavior Class.  Reproduction must be taken before Stallion Management Class.  

      Cost Books Total
_____ EM-110 Equine Nutrition $375 $35 ______
_____ EM-160 Equine Behavior $375 $45 ______
_____ EM-120 Equine Business Management $375 $85 ______
_____ EM-130 Equine Reproduction $375 $95 ______
_____ EM150 Facility Management $375 $70 ______
_____ EM-210 Stallion Management $375 $95 ______
_____ EM-230 Applied Anatomy and Selection $375 $85 ______
_____ EM-220 Equine Marketing $375 $45 ______
_____ EM-140 Equine Health and Diseases $375 $85 ______
_____ ET-110 Techniques of Training I $550 $45 ______
_____ ET-220 Techniques of Training II $550 $55 ______
_____ ET-130 Techniques of Training III $550 $55 ______
_____ ET-140 Techniques of Training IV $550 $55 ______
_____ ET-240 Training Theory I $550 $45 ______
_____ ET-220 Training Theory II $550 $55 ______
  Workbook Required for: (this book goes with following classes) The Equine Behavior, Diseases, Nutrition, Anatomy, Reproduction, and Stallion Classes. $95 ______
        Sub-total ______
Shipping charges (call or email for charges)
        Total Due ______

Students will be required to buy text books and furnish their own tack.  For the training classes you must own the horse you will use in class or use a family-owned horse.

By signing this contract, the student agrees to pay The Global Equine Academy the total stated tuition.  Payment of all monies due shall be a condition of continued enrollment.  Upon satisfactory completion of all academic and skill requirements, and when all financial obligations to the school have been met the school will award a Certificate of Completion to the student.  Global Equine Academy, the owners and employees are not responsible for accidents to the students or their horses. To the best of our knowledge we have included enough academic information and hands-on skills for a student to be successful in one of the equine certificate fields.  The Global Equine Academy, instructors and employees do not guarantee the success a student will have after completion of the program.

Student Signature ______________________________ ____     Date________________

Parent or Guardians Signature __________________________  Date________________

(If a student is a Minor)
School Administrator Signature _________________________  Date________________

Tuition may be paid by Check or Money Order sent to Global Equine Academy at 18770 McNeil Ranch Road, Wickenburg, AZ 85390, or you may pay by Credit Card through Pay Pal on-line.  Call and talk to Sandy at 605-391-0592, if you do not know how to use pay pal and want to pay by credit card.

Payment for each quarter is due before classes start.  If you  prepay for the certification you will receive books and videos ($850 value) FREE.  Total for the prepayment plan will be:
Certified Equine Manager- $4475.00 + $75 shipping/handling of books
Certified Equine Specialist- $5575.00 + $75 shipping/handling of books

*** No Refund after classes have started.
***Two years to complete the prepaid certification program.

Please add 3% to total if paying with paypal

Click on the PayPal logo to make class payments


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Global Equine Academy
18770 McNeil Ranch Road
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