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Being a horse trainer was my childhood Dream. I knew l had to get some more education if l was going to be successful. That's when l found Global Equine Academy. The courses where so helpful as well as challenging. Its been helpgful to have the "big world" picture that Gene and Sandy painted for us as we learned about training horses. There are so many options for having a career with horses. 10 years after completing the academy l am running a thriving Training/Lesson/boarding barn in Pennsylvania as well as going to Arizona and competing successfully in barrel racing. This all would not be possible without the knowledge l received through Global Equine Academy. I most appreciate that even years after going through the program l can call Gene and Sandy for advice. They are both gifted teachers and it is there passion to help grow the horse industry.
A Stoltzfus, PA

When I first considered becoming a student at GEA, it was not without some apprehension, giving the fact that I am in my fifties and never had been in any type of college before. I have been around horses a better part of my life, but was inspired to have a further and more in depth knowledge. Although throughout the years of being around horses, I must confess often times I had done a lot of things with them from feeding, to training to riding, etc. and thought to myself this is 'just what you do' and in fact placed myself inside a little box in my thinking limiting my potential and my horse?s. I never challenged myself to ask the question, why am I doing something this way or that way? I lacked the knowledge to answer my own questions. Gene and Sandy Miller's school has been an answer to prayer. The way they have their course studies outlined are truly amazing! The classes are in depth and really easy to understand. The information we study is practical and makes sense. And every horse person could benefit from the schools methods of teaching. Gene and Sandy truly care about their students, and take a sincere interest in their education. I know as a student of the school, how important it is to me to have any questions that I may have get answered in a timely manner. They were so quick in their response to help in anyway. I am truly grateful for the way this school is structured, as a person who owns and runs a small business, the school can work for me. I am in the certificate program to be a certified equine specialists, as I write this I just completed Techniques of Training one and two. It was challenging and rewarding, I learned so much and look forward to what lies ahead. Gene and Sandy miller truly Love what they do, and that's to teach and share their knowledge without reservation to their students. I count this as a blessing. I would recommend GEA to all the horse people, who want to grow in their knowledge and success in the horse industry.
M. Lazerine /Student of GEA, Minnesota

I agree with you about Gene being a great teacher. I had no idea what it would be like to take these classes on line but I treasure the class lessons. I can only imagine what it would be like to take classes there at the university. I am glad that these classes are offered on line too. You are certainly a blessing in my life. This is something that I've wanted to do since I was very young. I can't express enough how grateful I am that you have provided this education. Now my prayers and dreams are coming true. I'm getting the education in horses I've always wanted. I feel I will be better than I ever was with horses and I will be a success as a result of this teaching. Thank you. (D. Bishop, Indiana)

Gene and Sandy, "I just wanted to say I really enjoy your classes. I never used to be an A student in high school, but I think doing classes that I actually like and know something about has really boosted my self esteem. Your classes have given me the opportunity to really prove my self and actually be happy with my work and all that I have achieved. I am also happy to say that I finally have the courage and drive to go back to the DSU campus this fall and get my college degree and work my hardest to be one of the best. Thank you so much for everything you've done/do with these classes and the students." (K. Oland, Minnesota)

"I am a mother of three kids, finally deciding to follow my dreams to work with horses. This program is the first stop and I love it! I am learning a lot and retaining the information from the classes. The classes are intense and require a lot of work to get through the program successfully. The online information supplements the text books wonderfully, adding the personal experience of Gene and Sandy, I feel confident that when I am done I will have the knowledge to move closer towards my goal and that I will be taken seriously. I am also looking forward to other classes and programs that are being offered by Global Equine Academy. I'm told that my face lights up when I start to talk about school, what I am learning, and what I plan to do with this knowledge. This is a wonderful experience and opportunity - I'd still be talking about my dreams rather than actively working towards my dreams if it weren't for this program. Thank you, Gene and Sandy!" (T. Erickson - Washington)

"I searched vehemently to find a course in equine studies that would enhance my passion for horses. I wanted something practical and basic, but substantial. I was so pleased when I discovered that there was actually a forum that met my qualifications. The courses have surpassed all my expectations. The course work, instruction and materials are very complimentary and comprehensive. I would highly recommend Global Equine Academy to anyone." (H. Kenny Berman, Attorney at Law, Maryland)

"The equine classes are a great way to get into the horse world. Through the classes you are taught what each part of a horse does, how to look for illness and lameness. The best one of all, in my mind, is the Equine Marketing class. In marketing you learn what to look for in ads, pictures, headlines, benefits and features. Many of today's horse people that advertise have no idea about marketing, they simply throw some pictures together and slap their name on it and expect to make money. Through this class you learn how to show your company in the best light. I think anyone that wants to have anything to do with the equine industry should look here first. It is a great way to get a good step ahead of everybody else in the field. " (J. Kerstiens, North Dakota)

"I enjoy the classes and have learned so much from them. I like the quick grading of quizzes and the easy to understand instructor's notes. I am very much enjoying these classes and the reading doesn't even feel like homework. The books chosen for the classes fit each subject very well. I am learning so much and respect your knowledge and commitment to us students and the horse industry in general." (K. Moulton - Vermont)

"I think the classes are very informative and I have learned a lot from them. I like the convenience of the classes and I wish all my college classes were like them." ( R. Makelky - North Dakota)"

"I really appreciate all of the extra help and guidance that the two of you give your students. You both show such passion for teaching, horses and your students. I truly am blessed to have found this online equine program and teachers like you. Thank you so much." ( K. Mazur - New York)

"I have really enjoyed these classes. Thanks so much for offering this valuable information online so that it is possible for some of us to do." (S. Graham - Illinois)

"I personally found the courses very good. The materials are interesting and informative and the instructors are very helpful and they respond quickly to any questions or emails. The frequent quizzes help me to remember bits of information that may have otherwise been unnoticed. Another part of the courses that I enjoyed was the real life related experiences and information, they gave the courses more interesting approach, instead of just documents and bookwork". (M Tufts - New Jersey)

"I have really enjoyed the equine classes very much and will miss taking them now that I am graduating. I do feel I now have an excellent foundation to begin my career inn the horse field. Thanks Gene and Sandy." (M. Stover - Minnesota)

"The classes and lectures are very well put together. I have learned a lot, I think that the tests ask questions that are really going to matter in the future. The books are perfect for what you need to learn. The instructions on the classes have been extremely easy to follow and the instructors have been very helpful I answering any question you may have. I have enjoyed my class a lot." (A. Waite - Utah)

"If you are looking for a program to give you a solid foundation to a career in the equine industry, this is it. Taking these courses after 6 years of military service, the instructors have made me feel right at home. The online courses are very user friendly, and can be navigated by anyone. The teaching staff have an unbelievable amount of knowledge and know how in the equine industry, they have a true teaching background. I would highly recommend these courses to any one who is interested in a career in the horse business, or just a refresher course. You can't go wrong with this program." (R. Hines, SSgt, USAF, Belgium)

"I am a student with a full time career, but horses are my first love. I always want to learn more. Because of the cost of the online classes and some of the books can be expensive, I only take what I can during a semester. The instructors, Gene and Sandy Miller have been extremely helpful and I look forward to hearing from them even if I'm not taking a class. They do know their horses and horse business. The course work is structured so that I can send my course work and still do a full time job. The textbooks are easy to understand and are practical. This is information you will want to come back to. In the even I do get bogged down at work Gene and Sandy have understood and let me catch up. Everyone has been extremely helpful and I would recommend the classes to others. (T. Hallman - Texas)

"These have been my favorite classes so far. By H Waltner - North Dakota Equine Behavior - I loved this class. I learned so much about how to get a horse's mind. I can't wait to start using what I have learned. I just wish that I could do more hands on training with Gene and Sandy." Equine Nutrition- This class was very informational. I think I would have like more information on how to balance rations. I feel like I barely have an edge on it. Other than that I love this class. I love the option of doing the work anytime from my home computer. Sometimes I just wish for more hands on application. Equine Health and Diseases - Definitely the toughest equine class so far. I found it a very helpful class. I will however, have to keep my book handy to help me out in the future."

"The Global Equine Academy is a school that teaches you what you want to learn. The information provided is amazing and so beneficial. Growing up in an old fashion ranch in Wyoming, we are pretty set with our way of doing things. The Global Equine Academy has broadened my mind as well as opened a door for me to reach out and learn more. The way Sandy and Gene have the internet lessons set up to go with each book is great. You can access your classes 24-7 and work on them at your convenience. The books and the lessons they provide are informative in the class at which you are in. The equine behavior class is one of my many favorites that are offered through The Global Equine Academy. It teaches you how a horses mind and body works and how to work with the natural instincts of that horse and progress with the training in a safe and less time consuming matter. The classes that are taught will help any individual in the horse industry, either by teaching then how to advertise, how a horse is put together and how the horse works, to safety and training. This class has been a great learning tool and anyone who has already taken some courses or who wants to take the courses is not or will not be disappointed. This school helps you open the door into the horse industry." (S. Eiffler Wyoming)

I have been envolved with horses my entire life and have learned so much over the years, but in this industry there is ALWAYS more to learn. I have never been very interested in school and have never done well in school, but since I found Global Equine Academy my life has turned around. I am having fun learning the skills needed to form my own equine business and getting great grades doing it! The materials provided by Gene and Sandy are in depth yet understandable, and they are always very quick to answer any questions I have. Finally I am on my way to making all my dreams come true, instead of only dreaming about them. Thank you Gobal Equine Academy! (Nikki Montgomery, Parker, Colorado)

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