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Equine Careers

Online learning is quickly becoming the future in college education. College is expensive and it is hard to attend traditional college with a family and other responsibilities.  The great thing about the equine world is you don’t have to have a degree but you need the skills and knowledge, so certification may work for you.

Our program offers either the certificate or a TOTALLY ONLINE Associate degree that you can complete at home and raise a family, horses and still work in your chosen profession or job.

With our accredited colleges you have the offer of financial aid, military aid or pay as you go. Having a degree gives you something to fall back on and give the background to run a business, market yourself and manage money, while doing what you love.  The Equine industry is growing and changing everyday with more and more job opportunities available.  You have a much better chance of being successful if you have a degree or certificate.  There are so many talented horse people and trainers that are not successful in business because of lack of responsibility and people skills plus they need the business skills to run a business.

There are many jobs available outside of the barn with a wide variety of careers that are connected to the horse world.  Distance learning holds the key for those who have full time jobs, children and other responsibilities that make it difficult to move to a college campus.

Careers with Industry/Business Background

  • Attorney –(with a degree) specializing in equine agricultural areas
  • Auctions/auctioneer
  • Bloodstock companies – sales, buyers, pedigree evaluators, management
  • Breed registries and associations – many positions including public relations, events management, computer programming, librarian/archivist, etc.
  • Certified Public Accountant – specializing in equine/agricultural businesses
  • Course Designer
  • Drug and pharmaceutical companies – management, sales, service
  • Equine publications – editors, writers, photographers, advertising sales, field reps
  • Equine transportation/shipping – company owner, driver, handler
  • Feed Companies- product development, sales, management sales
  • Government positions – brand inspector, Bureau of Land Management, Parks & Recreation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, etc.
  • Groom
  • Guest Ranch Management
  • Horse equipment companies (health care, trailers, tack, feed, clothing etc.) – sales, designers, manufacturing
  • Horse Show management
  • Horse Show Judge
  • Horse Show Steward
  • Insurance – agents, appraisers, investigators – specializing in equine
  • Manager of breeding farm or ranch
  • Manager of show barn or stable
  • Professional rider – show/competition, jockey, working cowboy
  • Public relations
  • Racetrack personnel
  • Riding instructor
  • Starting gate assistant
  • Trainer
  • Wrangler
  • Therapeutic rideing - horse manager

 Equine Careers possible along with the correct college degree:

  • Breeding (genetics) specialist-university research, teaching, extension, sire analysis, breeding associations, etc.
  • Extension Agent
  • Management Systems specialist-consulting, livestock organizations, computer management systems, etc.
  • Professor – junior college, university
  • Reproduction specialist (artificial insemination, embryo transfer labs, private farms)
  • Research Assistant – university or pharmaceutical/biotech company
  • Veterinarian – private equine practice, consulting, government (USDA, FDA) university research and teaching
  • Vet Assistant
  • Veterinary supply companies – sale and service.

All wages depend on the area that you chose to live and the level of your education and practical experience.  There are many websites available to assist in job location.  You can do a search for Equine Jobs, equine positions etc.  Below are a few sites, there are many sites,  that you might want to visit:

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