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Global Equine Academy - On-line Professional Equine Training


Welcome from Gene and Sandy

GLOBAL EQUINE ACADEMY is designed to help people in the fast growing equine world get up to par with the leaders in the industry. The equine industry has grown and changed dramatically; it is now big business. You must have the skills that your competitors are using.

Newcomers to the equine industry are hoping for the same big prices for their colts as the established breeders - they simply lack the knowledge and marketing skills to make them successful.We designed the Equine Management program to provide the skills needed to be successful.

Life is busy and college is expensive. This program is designed so you can stay at home, work and take classes at your convenience. We have used a combination of on-line notes, audio, and video instruction to give you the best education possible. The riding classes will use video instruction, video tests and lecture.

We want to show you that if you use our training methods and theory- your horse will become a willing dance partner and riding will be fun.
Gene and Sandy

Global Equine Academy Administration

Gene Miller
Curriculum Coordinator
Certified College and High School Instructor and College Curriculum Coordinator
50 years of experience as a Professional Trainer and Competitor 

Sandy Miller
Vice President for Finance and Administration and Technical Director
Dean of Equine Training Technology
45 years of experience as a Professional Trainer and an Expert in Marketing

Chad Miller
Vice President of Curriculum Development
 Instructor and Technical Advisor
Rancher- Professional Trainer - Professional Competitor – Professional Farrier

Ali Miller-
Director of Marketing and Consultant
Professional Trainer- Professional Competitor

Dr. Elizabeth Rhodes
GEA's Accreditation Compliance Officer
Arizona Curriculum Development Coordinator
Ph.D. in Education- Educational Consultant

Tracy Swan-
Texas Curriculum Development Coordinator and Consultant
Professional Trainer- Owner of the online Barrel Racing Report
Certified College Instructor
Professional Horse Trainer and Competitor

Mission Statement for Global Equine Academy-

The goal for Global Equine Academy is to provide a totally on-line equine education that contains the technical and practical knowledge to allow our students to be successful in a very competitive equine industry.

GEA Vision
The Global Equine Academy goal is to give students the technical and practical knowledge to be successful at the highest level of the equine industry.

We, at Global Equine Academy, strive to promote:

We to strive to give our students the technical and the practical knowledge needed to be successful in the equine industry.  We try to help students develop an industry related network to help them to be successful in their field of study.
We accept the responsibility of transforming student lives and treat each student with dignity and respect.

 Educational Excellence and Life Long Learning:
We engage in doing quality work by reflecting on our performance, our creativity and ingenuity-continuously challenging ourselves to improve.

We adhere to ethical standards of excellence and accept accountability for personal decisions and actions, which impact our reputation as a dynamic and resourceful institution of higher learning that places our students front and center.

Innovation and Change
We encourage our staff to be active in all phases of the equine industry and attend  a wide variety of equine industry events so they can keep up on  cutting edge trends in the equine industry. By having two campuses one in South Dakota in the summer where there is a lot of horse activity and one in Arizona where a lot of the top level horse events happen in the winter time, we are able to keep up on the newest trends in the horse industry.  Everyone on the staff competes in the equine industry at a very high level, so we all know what it takes to be successful in this industry and we can make changes in the curriculum as those changes are occurring.   The GEA staff is able to   develop a high level network of equine professionals because we are very involved in the industry.  This year we hired Dr. Elizabeth Rhodes to make corrections and changes to the classes.

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